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Welcome, and thank you for your service and willingness to share your skills and passion for the arts with Florida's students and educators!

I'm Gail Golden, the director of The Wondermakers. The Wondermakers have been touring schools throughout Florida and New York with assembly programs for twenty years. Last spring we performed STORY SOUP in every Osceola County elementary school. STORY SOUP uses comedy improv to encourage children to read and to teach creative writing. Last year we also toured WORLD OF WONDERS sponsored by Walt Disney World. WORLD OF WONDERS is a story theatre program of multicultural folktales. These shows are for grades K-5 and are very interactive. Our newest show is MATHEMAGIC, fun with folktales and math for Grades K-2. 407-566-9118


VSA Florida, working to increase arts, education and cultural opportunities for and by people with disabilities. Headquartered at the University of South Florida, VSA Florida is a member of the VSA International Organization, an affiliate of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
Our mission, to embrace a culture in which people with disabilities can learn through, participate in and enjoy the arts. VSA Florida Opportunities Abound
  • Statewide artist in residence programs
  • Professional development for inclusive arts classrooms in schools and access to cultural arts centers
  • Resources and technical assistance to arts, education and disability organizationss
  • Career development for adult artists
  • Statewide and nationally recognized programs of excellence in the arts for adults and students with disabilities
  • Statewide recognition of inclusion cultural arts programs

For information about how to bring VSA Florida opportunites into your educational environment,
learn about trainings on inclusion and best practices, get involved in national and statewide calls for art please visit us at .