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VSA Florida Arts for All Lending Program Available Statewide
Art should be for everyone, right! Beginning September 1, 2011 VSA Florida will have access to a statewide database of art making tools that can be used in the classroom, neighborhoods, parks and recreation sites, birthday parties…well, just about anywhere there is sidewalk or open space for creating. Arts for All art tools are one-of-a-kind products that offer individuals of all abilities an opportunity for creative expression through arts and mobility. Art tools are designed so participants with limited movement or lack of fine motor skills can be successful in using what mobility they have to create, paint, draw, and print. Individuals will roll out paint and draw with chalk - all while working on mobility skills and coordination through creative expression.
If you are interested in leasing the equipment for absolutely no cost (only cost is for disposable materials), the equipment is yours for the length of the agreement. Please contact your regional coordinators for more information on how to enroll in the lending program. Tools are limited, so please try to give us plenty of notice to be assured you’ll have Arts for All for the days requested.

Jennifer Bonaventura, Region 1
Pat York, Region 2
Lori Emly Region 3
Patt Fosnaught, Region 4
Steve Klotz, Region 5

WASHINGTON NATIONAL OPERA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONIs now accepting applications for the position ofTEACHING ARTIST(You do not have to know anything about Opera!)
Why would you want to work for us? (You do not have to know anything about Opera!)* An opportunity to become conversant with the two major developments in education today; 21st Century Skills and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
  • The chance to develop your skills as a teaching artist with guidance from experts in both general education and arts education.
  • A chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children, particularly those at most risk academically and socially.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate the importance of the arts in daily life and as preparation for success in an increasingly complex, global, and conceptual 21st century economy.
  • Compensation at the higher end of the pay scale for TAs in the Greater DC area.
  • Opportunity to move into intern and apprenticeship positions within the larger Washington National Opera (WNO) company.
  • Access to other activities, performances and other departments of an internationally recognized arts organization as well as being listed on WNO's website as a Teaching Artist.
  • Some performance opportunities for yourself, if you have aspirations in that direction.
What is expected of our TAs and what they can expect from us:
  • Comply with professional standards. We regard the work we do as equivalent in importance to being cast in main stage performances and thus the same expectations apply, both from staff and from teaching artists we employ.
  • Teaching artists will receive a handbook that outlines their responsibilities and the guidelines that align with CCSS and 21st century skills as defined in the handbook. A letter of agreement will be based upon the information therein.
  • Teaching Artists are 1099 independent contractors.
  • Teaching Artists are paid at different rates depending upon terms and conditions. For a 12 session residency, compensation shall be no less than $1500. For one time "custom" visits the rate varies between $150-300 session. For extended commitments, compensation varies between $2500 - 3500.
  • Any and all out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed by the department.
  • Teaching Artists must agree to a background check.
What are we looking for in a Teaching Artist?
  • Opera is a multi-cultural, multi-art form, thus, while you must have a background in the arts, it does not necessarily need to be in opera.
  • Some experience with, or at least a willingness to work with, kids. Actual teaching experience desirable.
  • Willingness to develop lesson plans, following the department's supplied template, which stress what children will learn, not just "do."
  • Having an automobile is extremely useful, but not essential. Otherwise, travel can be accomplished by Metro to most teaching venues as most of our schools are in the city of DC.
For indication of interest, please contact Bruce Taylor, Director of Education, 202-448-3466 or e-mail
A get-acquainted session for all who are interested will be scheduled in early September.

Florida Music Educators' Association Annual Clinic-Conference


2012 Conference:

January 11-14, 2012

Uniting Music Education: Building Relationships.
Tampa Convention Center
333 South Franklin Street
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 274-8511

For additional information about the conference, contact:
Val Anderson
Conference Coordinator

Future Conference Dates:
January 11-14, 2012
January 9-12, 2013
January 8-11, 2014
January 14-17, 2015
January 13-16, 2016
January 11-14, 2017
January 10-13, 2018
January 9-12, 2019
January 8-11, 2020

3rd Annual Florida Dance Performance Assessment

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hosted by
Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School
850 34th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711