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The arts develop the ability to understand, decipher, and interpret images, symbols, and sensory data in today’s technological environment. They provide a means for expression and response when words are inadequate. The self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, self-motivation, and skills of problem-solving and critical thinking developed as a result of arts study are essential for success in life. Regardless of ability levels, talents, or background, all students deserve equity and access to the benefits that focused arts study can provide.


Follow the development of the National Standards for Arts Education, led by SEADAE (State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education) and NCCAS (National Coalition for Common Arts Standards). It is available at the NCCAS Wiki, available at:

You can also watch for opportunities to review and participate in other ways via the NCCAS Facebook page. Here's an excerpt from a recent Press Release, posted on the NCCAS Wiki:

"The writing of the new standards continues to progress. A preliminary invitational review was completed in April; NCCAS will be issuing a call for public review of new, substantive portions of the standards on June 30. Interested individuals should visit the coalition’s website at __**nccas.wikispaces.com**__ or the NCCAS Facebook page at __**facebook.com/NationalCoalitionForCoreArtsStandards**__ to learn how they can participate in the review process, and for other information about the project."

NGSSS for the Arts: Approved by the Florida State Board of Education (12/17/10)

Word '97 and 2003:

Word 2007:

Big Ideas and Enduring Understandings in the Arts:

Worth Watching!!

Sir Ken Robinson: Some invaluable thoughts about education and what it should (and shouldn't) look like as we move forward on behalf of all our students.

Take a look...<http://www.wimp.com/educationparadigms/>

Google has a new offering for the arts!!

Visit internationally acclaimed museums and their magnificent collections from your classrooms and offices: http://www.googleartproject.com/

Have you ever wanted to walk along the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles? Or perhaps to study Albrecht Dürer's Portrait of the Artist's Father at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence? Well, the Google Art Project is a website that will take you there. With floor plans that will take you to every room in the museums, and arrows that will walk you around all 360 degrees of each gallery, you can get up close and personal to each work of art. In fact, you can zoom in and count every whisker on Dürer's father's face. And you can save your favorites in your own personal collection.

This website doesn't feature every major museum in the world - the Louvre is missing, for instance - but the 17 museums do include such greats at the Tate Britain, the Van Gogh, the Metropolitan, and the Hermitage. So this website is quite a find, especially for students of art.

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